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ERP System HansaWorld Enterprise


ERP system HansaWorld Enterprise comprises over 45 operational modules - from financial and accounting systems to Internet commerce, manufacturing and CRM. The system has 69 000 installations in 90 countries around the world.

The applications run on all major platforms (Windows, Mac OS, UNIX) and support mobile solutions via laptops, PDAs and Nokia business phones.

The system is localized, has Russian and Ukrainian language interfaces and supports Ukrainian business and tax accounting. Owing to the specifics of HansaWorld's architecture, all data are stored in one file, with no need to combine several sources. This allows one to receive high-quality current information at any time and to optimize the costs.

HansaWorld allows employees of a company's different departments to work in a well-coordinated manner and to provide the managers with accurate, timely information for strategic decision-making. The standard version of HansaWorld includes specific functions for the work automation at enterprises of different industries. This enables significant reduction of time and costs for implementation and updating of the system in future.

Hansa World Enterprise