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Комплексная система управления персоналом HRB

HRB/Human Resources

For most organizations without some type of Human Resources management software, performing even basic HR tasks can be unpredictable and highly time consuming. One often underestimates the amount of effort required, in order to simply hire a new staff member. Pay grades have to be approved by a chain of managers, workplace has to be prepared, all legal paperwork - signed and filed etc. As a result, many organizations suffer from a chaotic HR process, which significantly increases time and cost associated with HR tasks and, more importantly, irreversibly damages company's reputation as an employer.

HRB/Human Resources is designed to efficiently input, store and analyze all information about company personnel as well as streamline all basic business processes related to staff management. Workflow of your daily HR operations is defined as a set of customizable business processes. The system is then tuned to the business logic of our organization, enabling you to maintain a predictable workflow for processes such as hiring, firing, promotions, and department transfers.

HRB/Human Resources supports the following functionality:

  • Multilevel company structure
  • Employee search using customizable criteria, such as work schedule
  • Automatic control of employee count per department
  • Vacancies and new hires
  • Planning and control of salary levels
  • Training
  • Business travel budgeting

HRB/Human Resources is fully integrated with mainstream enterprise software vendors as well as Microsoft office products.

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